Finish Pavilion – Volunteers Needed
To help Club MSM families have a safe space to warm up during the next few weeks while training is postponed, the new Finish Pavilion will be open in accordance with Covid guidelines. The Finish Pavilion will be open from 10am to 3pm with a maximum of 4 families allowed inside at the same time and for a maximum time of 15 minutes per family. Currently, the Finish Pavilion is being made available for warming up only. No food is permitted in the building and any garbage that you may have must be taken with you when you leave (Kleenexes, etc.). The Finish Pavilion is a waste free zone. FACE MASKS MUST BE WORN IN THE FINISH PAVILION.
In order to enter the Finish Pavilion, families must wait outside until they are called in by a volunteer. The front doorway will be used to enter the pavilion, while the doorway on the west side of the lodge will be used to exit. Please ensure that all family members have appropriate face masks on before entering the pavilion.
The Club requires volunteers to oversee the Finish Pavilion to ensure that capacity and time limits are being adhered to and respected. Two volunteers are required per day of the weekend in two shifts, each of 2.5 hours: Shift 1 from 10:00am – 12:30pm, Shift 2 from 12:30pm-3pm. Half a volunteer credit will be assigned per shift. A link to the Google Docs sign-up sheet the next 4 weekends is provided below.
Volunteer Responsibilities include:
  • Calling families into the Finish Pavilion through the main door, when space is available.
  • Ensuring all persons entering the pavilion sanitize their hands upon entering, and that all family members have masks on.
  • Ensuring one member of a given family/household signs in to allow for contact tracing
  • Ensuring that there are no more than 4 families in the pavilion at any given time and that the families in the pavilion are following proper distancing requirements, i.e. 1 family per table.
  • Ensuring families in the pavilion remain for only the 15 minute time allotment.
  • Ensuring families exit using the west door.
  • Wiping down tables and benches after each usage.
Thank you for helping out your Club and fellow families during this exceptional ski season!