We had hoped to reopen registration this autumn to more athletes but due to a number of circumstances beyond our control we are unfortunately forced to close registration.

We have seen a large number of our athletes returning this year and we have had to limit the number of athletes in our program for a couple of reasons. Firstly, due to COVID-19 precautions we expect capacity issues in the lodge and at the hill. Secondly, we have had difficulty adding the new coaches needed for additional athletes, partially due to limited accommodations available. Fortunately, our staff remain committed to delivering a high quality program amidst the many unknowns. We have added some additional new talent to our coaching staff and look forward to building on last season with the many returning coaches. We can assure you the current coaching roster remains very strong.

We regret not having the capacity to allow all who wanted to register into the program this year. When we opened registration to returning athletes in June, we did not expect the overwhelming response we received. It is clearly a testament to the quality of our club and our coaches to have so many of our athletes returning to competitive ski racing even with all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.