A Message from the Club MSM President

We had promised an update on the racing season my mid-September but the guidelines from Ski Quebec Alpin (SQA) and the Association des Stations de Ski de Quebec (ASSQ) have been delayed slightly. Since the decision on ski racing for our region and our club depends on the guidelines put forth by SQA, it would be foolish of us to speculate or provide inaccurate information.

To the best of our knowledge the race season will happen this year. However, we already know that this season will be very different than in seasons past. Many of you have heard that regional races may take place on weekdays rather than weekends. Once again, we cannot confirm this to be true. That said, families should prepare for the this possibility. There is a high likelihood that ski resorts will face a capacity issue this year and racing on the weekends may result in increased risks due to the number of people in lodges. If weekday races are mandated, rest assured that the club will continue to deliver the same number of days on snow as previous years. A program with dedicated training on both Saturdays and Sundays is a great opportunity to shake up the status-quo and bring exciting, positive changes to our club programs.