Club MSM Awards at the SQA Banquet

CONGRATULATIONS to the Club MSM ambassadors who were honoured at the Rencontre au Sommet Telus, the SQA Gala, on November 1, 2017. The night was off to an excellent start when Club MSM received the 2017 EVENT OF THE YEAR AWARD for hosting the Nor-AM! Congratulations and sincere thanks, once again, to all the organizers, volunteers and participants of this memorable event!

Ryan Malmberg, Club MSM’s Head Coach for the 2016-17 season, also received the BERNARD PEISSARD AWARD, presented to a passionate, forward-thinking and innovative coach working with youth.

Finally, the recipient of the SQA 2017 RISING STAR AWARD was none other than Sierra Smith! The plaque was presented by Erik Guay, which was an honor in and of itself for her. Bravo Sierra!