We hope that everyone had a successful return to school!

As you know, back-to-school generally coincides with the beginning of Club MSM’s Dryland Training at Mooney’s Bay.
This year is no exception.

Here are the details:

As you know, this pre-season Dryland Training, which focuses on the entire body, is very important to the development of the athletes.
The coaches will work with the athletes on strength training, endurance, speed, agility, explosive force, and overall physical fitness… all of this takes place outdoors in a fun and safe environment, also aimed at developing and promoting team spirit.

For new athletes who would like to join Club MSM’s competitive Alpine Ski Racing Program (spread the word to friends! and/or for those Nancy Greene Program athletes who are ready to transition to the next step), Dryland Training offers the ideal opportunity to get to know your coaches and the other athletes before hitting the slopes, all the while getting in amazing shape! … it’s also included in the fees of the Ski Program — the timing is thus perfect to join the team!
While registration for the 2017-2018 ski season will take place at the end of September, you can participate in, and benefit from, Dryland Training now…
So come on out!

Training will run three times a week (Tues/Thurs 6-7:30 pm and Sunday from 10am-noon), but athletes can chose to attend 1-2 sessions per week, especially the younger athletes or those who have other commitments during the fall.
See you soon!