Celebrating 50 Years

by | Oct 30, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Founding Members
Standing:  Regis G. Toomey, Russel S. Smart, G. Guy Laframboise M.D., Frank E. Macintyre, David Midgley
Seated:  Donald W. Bohart, Alan S. Wotherspoon, John F. Clifford, Harold B. Fawcett, L. Marcel Joyal

Fifty years ago a group of property owners and other ski enthusiasts founded Club Mont Ste. Marie as a ski club, community association and social organization. Its values were and still are rooted in celebrating and enjoying family and the beautiful, natural environment that we have around us at Mont Ste-Marie. The Club’s successful competitive alpine ski program has produced a number of world-class alpine racers that went on to compete on the provincial, national and international scene.

Over that past 50 years there is a lot to look back on and be thankful for. It all started with an enthusiastic group of families who established Club Mont Ste. Marie with the view to build a community. Today, we are both the beneficiaries of and the ones to carry on that inspired vision.