Let’s have some fun and join the Mackenzie Top Peak challenge and earn a chance for the Club to win $50,000!
Could everyone please visit this link and Vote and Join our Peak Team (there is no need to make a new team):
For everyone that votes and joins our Peak team ClubMSM will receive 1 point. (one vote per person, please use different devices so all members of your family can vote)
Social Media Posts:
Each Club member can contribute up to 15 points a day to our Peak team (ClubMSM) if you make a social media post to Twitter or Instagram that includes the following two hashtags:
Each post gives us 5 points, with a maximum of 15 points per day per user. This runs until March 21st. Please include the above two hashtags in any post you make and it doesn’t just have to be about skiing!
Weekly challenges:
In addition to the above, there will be four weekly challenges. The first challenge that starts today and runs until Feb 28th is called the Slalom Chimmy: (We can earn up to 10 points from each post).
Give this a try and share on social media and please remember to use the two hashtags:
Go team!